We are a Health care service provider in the field of servicing the public for almost 35 years. We have been actively participating in the Federal Healthcare Benefits programs in a most legitimate manner without a single case of violation of the federal policies and procedures.

Our staff and service providers are professionally trained to take care of all the needs of our patients and also help them out in the entire process to redeem their benefits due from the federal healthcare benefits programs.

We have an exclusive sector to take care of the filing of claims and processing the files and documents under the Federal Medicaid Program. We also have a legal team to assist us in case of any doubts and to guide us to exercise and discharge our duties as a reliable healthcare provider.

We see to that frauds of nay time do not take place at our premises. We have fully equipped CCTV monitoring setup at our premises to monitor the day-to-day activities and to make sure that no such activities root up.

Dedication in our services and sincerity in our process is our core concentration and we keep upholding both these elements. The staffs and physicians at our center are recruited only after thorough background checks and hence we are proud to say that we have the best team on board.

Our mission is to make sure that the healthcare benefits by the federal government reaches the correct people who actually deserve them and we keep a check and take stringent actions so that activities leading to Medicaid fraud do not hinder our mission.